The specialization of the project has been emerged through a number of joint meetings within Kiruna Space Council or Space Kiruna to set a common course for the region to increase its attractiveness and competitive power on the global arena. Several actors within the regional innovation system have also participated in the project development as well as space companies outside the region.

These are the partners within RIT:

Project owners

Project Partners

Co-financed by

Regional SME:s

SMEs are not directly partners in this project but they are most important and will be invited to our events whenever suitable. SMEs need to be included in the space ecosystem as the development of highly specialized SMEs creates a network of suppliers which in turn leads to increased competition for companies in the space sector.

There are several other actors which are relevant for collaboration, both regional, national and international. The project RIT is counting on inviting several of these actors to participate and enrich the project in various ways, the Graduate School of Space Technology, European Enterprise Network and ESA Broker.

The project will also be open to collaboration with other interested parties that emerge over the course of the project. Therefor we warmly welcome external actors to contact us in the project team.