The Institute for Space Physics joins RIT2021

The institute for Space Physics, IRF, joins the RIT2021 project together with the other space actors in northern Sweden. IRF participates in numerous space projects to explore the solar system as well as improving the unique Northern Lights research through various ground-based measurements. And now the institute joins RIT2021 project in collaboration Luleå University of […]

Advancing real world applicability of spacecraft formation flight

Onboard Space Systems at Luleå University of Technology, the research group of professor Reza Emami, is working in the field of Multi-spacecraft formation flying with an aim of advancing of the real world applicability of the spacecraft formation. –  One of the group’s active research areas is development of new strategies and control algorithms for formation flying and operation of […]

The university continues to invest in space

Luleå University of Technology continues to strengthen and develop its role as Sweden’s leading Space University. The project Rymd för innovation och tillväxt, RIT, got new funding. – Now we have the opportunity to establish earlier initiatives. We will get lasting results and a sustainable development effort, says Johanna Bergström-Roos, project leader for RIT 2021. […]

NanoSat Lab inaugurated at Space Campus

NanoSat Lab is Luleå University of Technology’s lab for design, testing and development of space systems onboard different types of spacecrafts. In the lab, which was inaugurated in April 2018, small satellites, so-called cube satellites, will be designed, developed, manufactured and tested. The aim is to be able to send up whole “fleets” of cube […]

Four new companies to national Space Incubator

The space incubator ESA-BIC Sweden has picked four new companies – Linköping Cystells, Flying Pulse from Trollhättan, and Sol-ionics and Wilda Tracking from Luleå to enter their incubator. More than 5,000 Swedes are affected annually by cardiac arrest outside the hospital environment. Only 500 of these survive. Flypulse has developed a drunker system that delivers […]