How to build a regional Space ecosystem

Welcome to listen to a Benchmark from the Region of Norrbotten made by Johanna Bergstrom Roos, project manager for RIT (Space Innovation and Growth) who for the past seven years worked with developing the regional space ecosystem in northern Sweden to grow with new start-ups, more capital, and new space capacity in the region.

We meet online on Thursday, May 11 at 13:00.
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The presentation is hosted by S3P Space, belonging to the Thematic Smart Specialization Platforms (S3P), an initiative of the European Commission that encourage regions to build strategic partnerships and promoting complementarity of regional funding for innovation in specific smart specialization areas.

S3P Space has the aim to build regional coalitions to strengthen the value chain “Access to space”. Partners are the following regions: Bremen, Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Mazovia, Tuscany, Zuid-Holland, Western Greece, Norrbotten, Västra Götaland.

Space Innovation and Growth (RIT in Swedish) is an EU-project aiming to create sustainable growth. Through a series of activities, this can be achieved and thus increases the space sector’s capacity for research and innovation cooperation between the academic sector, industry, and players in the innovation support system.

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