Product Innovation for Aerospace Applications

We are delighted to invite you to a series of seminars: Product innovation for Aerospace Applications


Welcome to a PhD and practitioners course where product development methods and product innovations for aerospace applications will be explored, in terms of scientific research in the field, combined with practical examples. Aerospace applications currently in use will be studied along the course, as well as future visionary aerospace innovation solutions. Participants can develop their own product ideas along the course.

The course starts in October 2022 (online), contains a number of seminars, workshops and study visits. It ends at Rymdforum 2023 in Kiruna.

The course includes SIF-Space Innovation Forum (October 2022), the aeronautics seminar MODPROD February 2023 and “Rymdforum” in March 2023.

The course is given by Swedish Aerospace Research Center (SARC) and the Graduate School of Space Technology (LTU/national), in close collaboration with ACS (Aerospace Cluster Sweden), RIT (Space for innovation and growth) and partly funded by the strategic research program Innovair.

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Teachers: Professor Petter Krus and assistant professor Ingo Staack, Linköping University (examiners). Professor René Laufer and professor Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck, Luleå University of Technology (examiners). Associate professor Peter Törlind and professor Mario Storga, Luleå University of Technology. Business and IPR experts: Kent Mrozek, Jonas Hjelm, LTU Business. Venture capital, start-ups and business incubators in the aerospace industry. + Additional teachers and presenters for specific content (among others Ulf Palmnäs, independent consultant, previously at GKN).