Rymdforum 2023 in Kiruna

From Sweden to space

The market for space launch services is expected to have a significant growth in the coming years. Increased interest and efforts for satellite and probe launches is an important factor of this growth. The development and launching of satellites for innumerable functions, such as national defence, weather monitoring, daily communication and earth observation have increased significantly over the years. This, in turn, has increased the need for efficient launching services.

Esrange will have inaugurated their Spaceport at the time of the conference which makes it highly topical to discuss what opportunities Sweden has in its new role as a spaceport. How can we help meet the growing need for earth monitoring? How can we participate in the development to obtain accurate and integrated information regarding climate change, mineral exploration, land use planning and resource management, to name a few examples? How does the education system connect to this? How are the laws and regulations handled? How can we be a forerunner in the sustainability work? What does the links between academia, institutes and industries look like? With this as a basis, the focus is placed on opportunities, challenges and needs that connect to the areas specified below:

  • Industry applications and services, upstream and downstream
  • Space research in the service of the earth, from the ground and space
  • The space ecosystem and challenges, innovation, strategy, implementation, start-up, incubator, partnership and the roles of large corporates
  • New space law
  • The current state of space
  • Satellite launch from Kiruna
  • Sustainability
  • Participation in planetary scientific missions

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