Webinar 2 – Make space business with India

Discover how you can enter one of the fastest growing space markets that will be providing ~19 Bn SEK opportunities for global space technology and service providers. Focused webinars give a unique opportunity to hear call for collaboration from leading private players in India’s private space industry.

Sweden and India have an MoU in Space since 1986 and the area for collaboration was further mentioned in Sweden-India Joint Action Plan, agreed by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2018.

We kindly want to invite you to three focused webinars with top private players in India’s Space Industry:

Second out is Godrej Aerospace – Secondary vendor for liquid stage rocket launchers
Date: 16th June at 11.00 – Registration here!
Click here for more info: 
Indian – Sweden Space Collaboration Godrej Aerospace

We are looking forward to your attendance at the webinars. Please feel free to share this invitation within your organisation.

This arrangement is planned and implemented as a collaboration between two of the RIT2021 partners, ESA BIC Sweden and Aerospace Cluster Sweden, and Business Sweden, and is aimed at Startups and SME in Sweden.