Meeting of the Graduate School of Space Technology at Abisko

Atmospheric Science Group’s PhD students participated in a meeting held in Abisko National Park last August as members of the LTU’s Graduate School of Space Technology. They are included in the so called “third round” of the programme, composed of 20 PhD students from a variety of disciplines whose research is related to space technology.

Through these meetings, which are run in collaboration with IRF (the Swedish Institute of Space Physics) and the effort RIT (Space for innovation and growth), the students have the opportunity to share their work with each other and to get common aims for their development.

During the last meeting, in which some supervisors were present, the students had to present their works for ten minutes and then to answering questions about them. The first aim of these sessions is to provide a chance for the students to know about all the ongoing projects, so they can find common interests in order to coordinate their efforts within the field. Professor Maria Paz Zorzano, Thomas Kuhn and Mathias Milz, who attended the meeting, remarked the importance of this kind of events to reinforce the student’s skills for the defence of their work, and to get in contact with people working on different but related areas. In this sense, all considered the meeting a successful and interesting experience.

On a second stage, the event is part of a long term effort to implement a network of space related research involving academic institutions, space agencies and companies to aim their activities in a joint direction.

The students were also informed about the courses they will have to attend during the year, and could participate in several activities, such as the visit to the Abisko Scientific Research Station and to the Climate Research Centre.