The Institute for Space Physics joins RIT2021

The institute for Space Physics, IRF, joins the RIT2021 project together with the other space actors in northern Sweden.

IRF participates in numerous space projects to explore the solar system as well as improving the unique Northern Lights research through various ground-based measurements. And now the institute joins RIT2021 project in collaboration Luleå University of Technology to find out how the further develop the space expertise in the region and and to see how they can contribute to innovation and growth in the region.

– We are investigating how the IRF’s existing test activities for satellite instruments can be developed and become a sought-after national and European resource – a Spacelab. In addition, we will also look at how our expertise on observations of the Northern Lights and space weather can best be made available to the public, said Stas Barabash, director of IRF.

IRF is planning for a Spacelab which in the future functions as a national facility for both industry and research groups with extensive opportunities to test and qualify space-related hardware in projects where balloons, rockets, satellites and ground-based measuring technology are used for space research and atmospheric research.

– The project Space for innovation and growth with Spacelab and Northern Lights and space forecasts are very good examples of how space research contributes to growth here on earth, said Stas Barabash, director of IRF.