Virtual Team Environments

These are the collaborative environments of the RIT-project and soon to be Centre of Excellence. If you have any questions or think that you or your company/programme/department should be invited, contact [email protected]


Team Environment (Full access)

  • RIT-partners
    • Members of the different work packages
    • Space companies in collaboration with the PhD’s
    • Innovation projects
    • Financiers
    • Steering groups

Specific Trello boards

LTU staff and LTU students have access to all of the following boards, SMEs (with space competence in the region) have access all except “Commercialization Support”:

  • Competence, Trends & Needs – Company profiles, current identified trends and problems/needs within the space industry
  • Commercialization Support – You’ll find services currently provided by the innovation ecosystem within RIT, and status of ongoing cases (see for example the different development phases, checklists and templates)
  • Event planning – Provide input on the different topics and come with ideas.



Staff of LTU:

Students of the following programmes:

  • Engineering
    • MSc Programmes (5 years)*
      • Computer Science and Engineering
      • Industrial and Management Engineering
      • Materials Science & Engineering
      • Mechanical Engineering
      • Space Engineering
      • Industrial Design Engineering
      • Engineering Physics and Electrical Engineering
    • BSc Programmes (3 years)*
      • Computer Science and Engineering
      • Mechanical Engineering
      • Materials Engineering, specialisation metallurgy
      • Industrial Design Engineering BSc
  • Master Programmes (2 years)**
    • Space Science and Technology
    • Spacecraft Design
    • Earths Atmosphere and the Solar System
    • Mobile Systems
    • Composite Materials
    • Material Engineering
    • Minerals and Metallurgical Engineering
  • Bachelor Programmes (2 years)
    • Digital Service Innovation
    • Systems Sciences

*Engineers that have gone through at least one year of studies is invited.

**All members of the master programmes is invited.

***Bachelors on term 2-4