Young space entrepreneurs in northern Sweden win recognition

Skysense/Sky Alert, Porkchop and Acrctic Space Technologies were all on the list of Sweden’s “103 best young ideas” when Almi and Företagarna released it on May 24th.

In “103 young ideas”, Företagarna and Almi have jointly nominated 103 business ideas and drawn attention to young people who inspire. In Norrbotten there are eight companies on the list, of which three are in the space industry.

Morgan Drysdale – Skysense/Sky Alert
The company’s technology automates the detection, location and quantification of methane leakage with a combination of sensors and AI, to reduce emissions from the natural gas industry. The method can replace manual inspections, which cost EUR 300 million annually. Part of the Arctic Business incubator. Winner of Åforsk Entrepreneurship Scholarship 2021.

Matija Milenovic – Porkchop
The vision is to become space’s logistics innovator. Has created a propulsion system for the miniature satellite type pocketqube, which contains fuel, engine, control system and electronics. Space premiere awaits in 2021. Their solution will soon be launched into a SpaceX rocket – Elon Musk’s space project. Admitted to Arctic Business space incubator ESA BIC Sweden. Winner of Åforsk Entrepreneurship Scholarship 2021.

Sandra Nilsson, Benjamin Fischer, Felix Hessinger – Arctic Space Technologies
Through software and antennas in connection with green data centers, the company has revolutionized communication between satellites and ground stations for companies all over the world. Admitted to Arctic Business space incubator ESA BIC Sweden among hundreds of ideas that competed for the seats. Winner of the Space Business Pitch in Luxembourg, for promising space ideas.

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