Artcic Space Tech – the latest regional space start-up

Benjamin Fisher and Sandra Nilsson are the founders of Arctic Space Tech Arctic Space Technologies is starting up in our region. They are included in the space incubator programme run by ESA-BIC Sweden who are partners in the RIT 2021 project. Arctic Space Tech has developed new ways for ground stations to communicate with satellites […]


Full house at Space Innovation Forum in Kiruna  

Nearly 100 representatives from the business, academic and public sectors met in Kiruna last week for two days of lectures and networking at Space Innovation Forum. The theme was testbeds for space and the massive potential for northern Sweden to claim a position as an international hub in this rapidly growing market.  ”There is a growing movement on the space scene in northern Sweden”   The event programme covered a wide range of topics on the theme – from concrete cases to attracting investment, marketing and business strategy successfactors specifically for testbeds.  – My biggest take-away from the Space Innovation Forum is the test capabilities here in northern Sweden, across so many industries and sectors. There is great potential to collaborate and exchange ideas on marketing, business models, funding and much more, said Ann-Christin Uusitalo Eriksson from RiSE Research Institutes of Sweden.   Oscar Linde, GKN Aerospace also highlighted the growth of the […]


Industry and university collaboration for Software Defined Radio for space applications

By replacing traditional hardware for satellite communication with software based systems Luleå University of Technology (LTU) and Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) aims to change the way the telemetry and telecommand is performed in the future.  Software-defined radio (SDR) is a radio communication system where components that have been traditionally implemented in hardware (e.g. mixers, filters, […]


Looking for sharp students in Industrial Design?

To facilitates collaboration between different actors in order to stimulate regional growth, is one of the main missions for the RIT 2021 project. Below you can read about an offer were LTU students help industry in a co-design project. During the autumn Luleå University of Technology has a main capstone course project where students at […]


Students grow tomorrow’s space products

The new business development programme Space Innovation Summer has just started. Students work on expanding new regional product or service ideas for space. Space Innovation Summer runs over nine weeks and is led by LTU Business as part of the highly popular summer programme. Northern lights forecasts, avalanche alerts Rebecka Svensson, Space Technology student at […]


New Nordic Space Innovation partnership (in Swedish)

The main players in the Nordic Space Innovation industry met at Esrange Space Centre outside Kiruna to discuss strategic cooperation for the nordics to become the foremost space region in the world. Participants are the ESA BIC incubators from Norway, Finland, Denmark – on its way to start, Sweden and Estonia. Anna Rathsman, Director General […]



The Institute for Space Physics joins RIT2021

The institute for Space Physics, IRF, joins the RIT2021 project together with the other space actors in northern Sweden. IRF participates in numerous space projects to explore the solar system as well as improving the unique Northern Lights research through various ground-based measurements. And now the institute joins RIT2021 project in collaboration Luleå University of […]


Advancing real world applicability of spacecraft formation flight

Onboard Space Systems at Luleå University of Technology, the research group of professor Reza Emami, is working in the field of Multi-spacecraft formation flying with an aim of advancing of the real world applicability of the spacecraft formation. –  One of the group’s active research areas is development of new strategies and control algorithms for formation flying and operation of […]


The university continues to invest in space

Luleå University of Technology continues to strengthen and develop its role as Sweden’s leading Space University. The project Rymd för innovation och tillväxt, RIT, got new funding. – Now we have the opportunity to establish earlier initiatives. We will get lasting results and a sustainable development effort, says Johanna Bergström-Roos, project leader for RIT 2021. […]