Congratulations to Sumeet Satpute on your doctorate degree!

Sumeet Satpute has spent five years researching guidance and control for multiple spacecraft formation, resulting in a thesis and doctorate degree on 5 February 2021. Satputes research findings provides a roadmap for manufacturers and designers in building next-generation spacecrafts with ability to work collaboratively, all linked to one system.  The RIT2021-sponsored project is a collaboration […]


Jun-Dec achievements + Happy New Year!

The project team sums up the milestones and achievements of the past six months in this PDF review. Here are just a few highlights of what you can learn: With recent additions of industry-academia R&D partnerships, RIT2021 is now sponsoring a total of 14 applied research projects within aerospace. New business opportunities as LKAB Kimit […]


RIT-sponsored student business idea wins award

A student team at Luleå University of Technology recently won a top 5 placement in Venture Cup’s IDEA competition regional finals. The students behind RIT-sponsored startup eSat aim to make satellites more accessible, an idea that was first born in the Space Innovation Summer programme. Venture Cup is Sweden’s biggest competition for business ideas and […]


IRF SpaceLab – a milestone for Swedish space tech

Space as a service: World-leading engineers, infrastructure and data from one of Sweden’s most prominent and internationally recognized bodies within space research. The Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF) is launching IRF SpaceLab in Kiruna, Sweden. Open labs or test environments has a direct effect on growth as it attracts new business ventures and investments, […]


5 news space jobs connected to RIT2021

The leading Space University in Sweden – Luleå University of Technology (LTU) is opens up for 5 new positions in the space area. All are located at Space Campus in Kiruna and connected to the RIT2021 project in one way or another. Take the oportunity to join our space community located in one of the […]


New product design partnership between GKN Aerospace and Luleå University of Technology

RIT2021 presents a new innovation partnership between GKN Aerospace and Luleå University of Technology. The project aims to enhance performance and reduce time to market for rocket engines through additive manufacturing (AM). Over a five-year period, RIT2021 has launched this along with 13 other innovation partnership projects. The competitive landscape in aerospace is changing fast, […]


Team Laika wins Act in Space Sweden

Laika was announced winning team when Swedish contest of international space hackathon ActInSpace 2020 was implemented virtually this weekend. Hosted by ESA BIC Sweden through Arctic Business Incubator (partners within RIT2021) and Innovatum, the competition focused on how space technology can be used in developing new ideas. Several persons from the RIT2021 team were involved […]


AI to navigate space exploration in new innovation partnership

A new Swedish research project will develop game-changing AI-technology for space exploration. Scientists in robotics and AI are teaming up with space engineers in a new partnership project between Luleå University of Technology and space mission operator OHB Sweden. Over a five year period, RIT2021 has launched this along with 12 other new space research […]


Norrbotten – a winner in the new space age

Space has always fascinated mankind. Now we are entering a second space age, an era that opens completely new possibilities for Norrbotten. The region of Norrbotten sent out their podcast producer to talk to Johanna Bergström Roos at LTU Business, project manager at RIT2021. They spoke about space activities in the region and how it […]


Norrbotten – the space tech centre of Europe 

The space technology industry in the north of Sweden is booming and many international companies within the space industry are now looking at Northern Sweden as their next strategic move. This is what Invest in Norrbotten writes in an article on their website on October 2020. Johanna Bergström Roos, project manager at RIT2021 was interviewed […]