NanoSat Lab inaugurated at Space Campus

NanoSat Lab is Luleå University of Technology’s lab for design, testing and development of space systems onboard different types of spacecrafts. In the lab, which was inaugurated in April 2018, small satellites, so-called cube satellites, will be designed, developed, manufactured and tested. The aim is to be able to send up whole “fleets” of cube […]


Four new companies to national Space Incubator

The space incubator ESA-BIC Sweden has picked four new companies – Linköping Cystells, Flying Pulse from Trollhättan, and Sol-ionics and Wilda Tracking from Luleå to enter their incubator. More than 5,000 Swedes are affected annually by cardiac arrest outside the hospital environment. Only 500 of these survive. Flypulse has developed a drunker system that delivers […]



Joint venture from university and industry aims to create more jobs in the aerospace industry

A new business cluster, ACS North, will attract more contractors and innovative companies to the growing aerospace industry in Sweden and the northern region – The aerospace industry is experiencing heavy growth and we will help in creating a more high-tech and job-creating industry in Sweden, said Göran Berlemo, CEO of Aerospace Cluster Sweden. The […]



New groundbreaking radar project creates business opportunities for Swedish companies

EISCAT3D, a new space project totalling hundreds of millions SEK in investments, can provide many new business opportunities for Swedish companies. EISCAT is currently looking for interested companies and several tenders are available on the organisation’s website. EISCAT 3D is under way and soon a completely new international research radar will be developed to understand […]


Space in focus at Luleå University of Technology

Space is a strategically important research area at Luleå University of Technology and for the industry in the region. – The university’s space investment is exactly right in time, says Jonas Ekman, professor of Industrial Electronics and head of the Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering. Technology development creates new opportunities to get […]



A Space Forum with Focus on Innovation Management

Market validation and understanding the need of the customer is a key component within innovation management and crucial for sustainable business development. That was the message from Emil Svanberg, head of the technology transfer office at Luleå University of Technology, during the fifth Space Innovation Forum. Once again the space actors within the RIT project […]