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Presentations from Space Innovation Forum 14 – The next frontier 

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15.00 Welcome and introduction, Johanna Bergström-Roos, LTU Business 

15:20 RIT Project updates and upcoming opportunities

16:50 Sweden in space, Anna Rathsman, General Director, Swedish National Space Agency


09.00 Welcome back!
Johanna Bergström-Roos, LTU Business and René Laufer, LTU

09:10 The commercialization of ESA, Luca Del Monte, Head of Commercialization Department, ESA

09:40 EU Cassini Space entrepreneurship initiative, Tomas Jonsson, Cassini team leader, Director General DEFIS, EU

10:10 The benefit of space for society and for total defence, Dr/LtCol Ella Carlsson, Chief of Space Capabilities and development, Swedish Air Force

11:10 Space Capacity Building, Åsa Johansson, Swedish Space Corporation and Jonas Hjelm, LTU Business
Read the full report here: Space Capacity Building

11:40 Panel – How can we help the space region to develop? And what direction do we want the region to take?

  • Morgan Drysdale, CEO and founder Sky Alert
  • Åsa Johansson, Business development, SSC
  • Olle Norberg, Director General, IRF
  • René Laufer, Professor Space Systems, LTU
  • Sandra Nilsson, COO and founder, Arctic Space Technonolgies

13:00 Workshop: How to leverage our space region? Johan Bergström, LTU Business
The results of the workshop

14:45 Conclusion Axel Steuwer, Director Designate, EISCAT

16:00 Women in space network presentation
Dr/LtCol Ella Carlsson, Chief of Space Capabilities and development, Swedish Air Force

Presentations from Space Innovation Forum 13 – Access to space

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Find a news article about the event here.

Day 1

13.25 Theme 1: Access to space

14.30 Keynote: RUAG Space – How legacy space meets new space
Markus Borsand, Director Program Area Electronics, RUAG

15.45 Theme 2: Testing of space vehicles and technology

Day 2

8.40 Theme 3: Capacity Building – presentations and panel

10.00 What increases the attractiveness of our space region? A presentation of workshop results from the last Space Innovation Forum
Linn Friis Liby, Space student, Luleå University of Technology

10.50 Theme 4: Sustainable development of the space ecosystem

Presentations from Space Innovation Forum 12 – How can space fuel innovation and growth in our region?

View webinar recordings (YouTube)

Day 1
Welcome and introduction by Johanna Bergström Roos
What is going on in RIT2021 – 4 WPs
WP1 – R&D industry/academy, Marta-Lena Antti & Anna Öhrwall, Luleå University of Technology.
WP2 – Testbed Space, Olle Norberg, Luleå University of Technology.
WP3 – Innovation support, Emil Svanberg, RiSE.
WP4 – Aerospace Cluster Sweden, Olle Persson, Luleå University of Technology.
The impact of aerospace in our region today and tomorrow, Alexander Bergström and Johanna Vesterberg, LTU Business.
Developing a space ecosystem at Harwell Space Cluster, Joanna Hart, Harwell Space Cluster.
Regional impact around Northvolt in Skellefteå, Ida Lind, Skellefteå Municipality.
Development of the aerospace sector in the region of western Sweden, Henrik Runnemalm, GKN Aerospace.
The attraction of a region from the investor’s perspective, Niklas Österberg, Arctic Ventures.
– Panel discussion: What is needed in an attractive space region? (see this seesion in the recorded version)
Today’s speakers and invited guests: Johan Köhler at Swedish National Space Agency, Karin Holmqvist at SSC, Nils-Olof Lindfors at Region Norrbotten, Stefan Sydberg at Kiruna Municipality and Jörn Spurmann at RFA.

Day 2
Welcome and introduction (and next Space Innovation Forum), Johanna Bergström Roos, LTU Business and Olle Norberg, LTU
– Six voices from space colleagues new in town – what made them move here? (see this session on the recorded version)
Armelle Frenea-Schmidt, space engineer at SSC.
René Laufer, chaired professor at Luleå University of Technology.
Mate Kerenyi, space engineer at IRF.
Theresia Hestad, space student at Luleå University of Technology.
Davide Di Nubila, propulsion test engineer at ISAR Aerospace.
Jonas Gauger, space engineer at RFA.
– Workshop, lead by Mattias Bergström and Emma Norrfors at LTU Business
What is needed to increase the attractiveness of our space region and to
understand how to capture all opportunities that the space sector provides. What
is already in place and what needs to be implemented on all fronts – in the
industry, the academy and in the society? Results from the workshop.
Conclusion of Space Innovation Forum 12, Olle Norberg, Vice Rector in Space at LTU


Presentations from the webinar “Satellite data business opportunities”

View webinar recording (on Youtube)

Space data exploitation and expected business opportunities in the future, Richard Hilton, Satellite Applications Catapult Alumni & CEO Global Trust”
Digital Twin Earth – how satellite data can empower life on earth and counteract famine, Jaime Reed, vice president consulting services, CGI Space
Saving costs in the farming business, Robert Schmitt, founder and CEO, Vultus
Commercializing space data to act ethically for a better world , Steve Spittle, co-founder and CTO, Global Trust
Presentation of an upcoming SME program for small and medium-sized enterprises, Conny Hökfors, business developer at LTU Business

Product sheet: Business opportunities with satellite data  (in Swedish)


Presentations from Space Innovation Forum 11 – How make business out of satellite data?

Day 1/ Session 1 – Data handling (recoded version will be uploaded shortly)
– Welcom and introducion by Johanna Bergström Roos
– Introduction och inspiration, Tobias Edman, Swedish National Space Agency
Phil Cooper, Amazon Web Services
Linda Lyckman, SSC
Benjamin Fischer, Arctic Space Technology
– Panel discussion, moderator: Tobias Edman, Swedish National Space Agency
– Short break

Day 1/ Session 2 – Analytics (recoded version will be uploaded shortly)
Leif Haglund, Vricon Systems AB
Fredrik Bruhn, Unibap
Håkan Tyni, LKAB
Maria Nilsson, Metria
– Panel discussion, moderator: Ann-Christin Uusitalo Eriksson, RiSE
– Short break

Day 1/ Session 3 – Financing and policy (video link here coming soon)
Josef Aschbacher, ESA
Anna Rathsman, Swedish National Space Agency
Alexander Danielsson, Norrsken VC
– Panel discussion, moderator Olle Norberg, Luleå University of Technology
– Conclusion and introduction to Session 2 – the workshop on September 30, Emil Svanberg, LTU Business

Day 2/ A workshop to create a successful business environment for space data applications
Process leaders: Johan Bergström and Emil Svanberg at LTU Business.

The objective was to understand what is needed to strengthen the ecosystem around space data and to create good business and benefits in society. This is a topic that truly engaged people.  With over 50 relevant and diverse industry stakeholders investing time and sharing their experiences in a quality workshop, we now have valuable inputs for our continued efforts to support growth and increased capacity for innovation in the space economy. Thanks to all involved!


Presentations from Space Innovation Forum 10 – The business of microlaunchers

  1. Welcome to Space Innovation Forum, Johanna Bergström Roos
  2. The business of microlaunchers, Philip Pålson/Ulf Palmnäs (not published here)
  3. Small satellites driving the market of microlaunchers, Tor-Arne Grönland
  4. Financing & Support (7 presentations by: Kiruna municipality, Swedish National Space Agency, Financing and support, ESA-BIC Sweden, Göran Carlsson, Financing and support, LTU Business, Stefan Dahlhielm, Financing and support, Vinnova, Anna Delin, Invest in Norrbotten, Financing and support, Region Norrbotten, Elisabeth Johanson Englund)
  5.  Testing and development of Microlaunchers (4 presenters)
    Testing and development of microlaunchers, Mathieu Rayer
    Testing and development of microlaunchers, Isar Aerospace, Josef Fleischmann
    Testing and development of microlaunchers, SSC, Philip Pålson
    Testing and development of microlaunchers, LTU, Élcio Jeronimo de Oliveira
  6. How important is the regional ecosystem, Vinnova, Anne Lidgard
  7. Pitches of suppliers(16 presentations by: IRF, Composit Services, JIT Mech, PASQ, Alto University, RiSE, Actas Konsult, Midroc Automation, SGO, Propellant Small Satellite Start-up, Grepit AB, OHB Sweden, Mirror, CGI)
  8. Conclusions, Olle Norberg, vice rector in space at Luleå University of Technlogy

Presentations from Space Innovation Forum 9 – Testbed Space

  1. Welcome to Space Innovation Forum – Johanna Bergström, LTU Business
  2. Testbeds for space – Olle Norberg, Luleå University of Technology
  3. Space Innovation Summer Programme Results – Christoffer Frisk, LTU Business
  4. Keynote: Testbeds create growth – Markus Gustafsson, Prime
  5. Arctic Space Technologies – Sandra Nilsson, Benjamin Fischer (contact [email protected] to get information)
  6. Testbed Esrange – Philip Påhlsson, SSC
  7. Testbeds at Space Campus Kiruna – Elcio de Oliveira, Luleå University of Technology, Dr Maike Neuland, IRF
  8. Testbeds at Luleå University of Technology – Olle Persson, Margareta Bäckström
  9. National Space Data Lab – Tor Björn Minde, RiSE Research Institutes of Sweden
  10. Global Watch Center “Space is a sustainable and green business” – Stefan Gustafsson, SSC
  11. Successfactors for Creating Testbeds – Lisa Ek, Niklas Grönberg, LTU Business

Presentations from Space Innovation Forum 8

  1. RIT 2021 Introduction_Johanna Bergström Roos, LTU Business
  2. PASQ presentation Kiruna, Emil Vinterhav
  3. WP2 Testbeds for space systems_Olle Norberg, LTU
  4. SpaceLab, Mate Kerenyi, IRF
  5. Northern Lights, Johan_Kero, IRF
  6. WP3 Innovation Support Systems for Space, Emil Svanberg, LTU Business
  7. WP4 Aerospace Cluster Sweden, Olle Persson, LTU
  8. Global Watch Centre, Lars-Eric Aaro, ÅF
  9. Project ideation workshop 2019-02-20

Presentations from Space Innovation Forum 7

  1. Welcome, Johanna Bergström Roos, LTU Business
  2. Initiating an innovation system, part 1, Emil Svanberg, LTU Business
  3. A centre of excellence in space technology, Olle Persson, LTU
  4. SpaceLab,  Olle.Norberg, LTU
  5. Aerospace Cluster Sweden, Göran.Berlemo
  6. RIT2021, Johanna Bergström Roos, LTU Business
  7. WP3 Initiating an innovation system, part 2, Emil Svanberg, LTU Business
  8. WP1 and 4, Innovation for growth, Olle Persson, LTU
  9. EISCAT, Craig Heinselman
  10. Welcome to day 2, Johanna Bergström Roos, LTU Business

Presentations from Space Innovation Forum 6

  1. SIF 6 Day 1 – Presentations
    Welcome and intro to RIT, Johanna Bergström Roos
    Space – the big picture, Stefan Gustafsson, SSC
    Synergies in aerospace, Stas Barabash, IRF
    Big Business with Big Science, Anna Hall, Big Science Sweden
    New oportunities with EISCAT 3D, Johan Svensson
    Presentations by the space industry:
    – SSC, Anna Rathsman
    – OHB Sweden, Per Bodin
    – SAAB, Peter Engberg
    Presentation by suppliers:
    – AIT Mikael Nansen

    – Agio, Jens Olofsson
    – BnearIT AB, Kent eneris
    – Boliden Electro AB, Jens Holmqvist
    – Brogren Industries, Fredrik Olofsson
    – CGI, Raimo Pesämaa
    – Conex AB, Ola Hallergren
    – Data Ductus, Bent Gunnarsson

    – N66 Connect AB, Jan-Olof Sänkelä
    – nVent, Ulf Broomé
    – Optimation AB, Peter Lingman
    – Swedish Composite Innovation Center, Ulf Westerberg
  2. SIF 6 Day 2 – Presentations
    – Trends in aeronautics and aerospace, Anders Bloom, Innovair
    – Trends in aeronautics and aerospace, Stefan Gustafsson, SSC
    – Aerospace industry from a regional perspective, Stefan Sydberg, Kiruna kommun
    – Aerospace Cluster Sweden, Göran Berlemo
    – Cluster and benefits for SMEs, Fredik Olofsson, Brogren Industries
    – Cluster and benefits for large companies, Sébastien Aknouche, GKN Aerospace
    – Presentation of National Space Strategy, Helene Hellmark Knutsson, Utbildningsdepartementet
    – Cluster and benefits for collaboration between industry and academy, Marta-Lena Antti, LTU
    – Summary and next step for ACS North, Olle Persson, LTU
  3. SIF 6 Day 2 – Workshop Summary (pdf)

Presentations from Space Innovation Forum 5

  1. WP0 – Space for Innovation and Growth – Introduction SIF 5 – Johanna Bergström Roos
  2. WP1 – LTU – Enabling ICT Anna Ståhlbrost and Christer Åhlund
  3. WP1 – LTU – Signal Processing – Jaap van de Beek
  4. WP1 – Automatic Control Engineering – Thomas Gustafsson
  5. WP2 – Innovation Management at CGI – Raimo Pesämaa
  6. WP2 – Innovation Management at SSC – Mats Tyni
  7. WP2 – Innovation Management at NanoSpace – Johan Sundqvist
  8. The Office of Technology Commercialization – Emil Svanberg

Presentations from Space Innovation Forum 4

  1. WP0 – Space for Innovation and Growth – Introduction – Johanna Bergström Roos
  2. WP1 – LTU – Centre of Excellence for Space – Olle Persson
  3. WP2 – Graduate School of Space Technology – Marta-Lena Antti, Product Innovation Course – Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck, and Reza Emami
  4. WP3 1 – LTU Business AB – Innovation Ecosystem for the Space Industry in Sweden – Mattias Gustafsson
  5. WP3 2 – RISE – Inspirational talk – Innovation or Die – Peter Sandberg
  6. WP3 3 – Start-Up – ESA Business Incubation Centre – Widefind – Localize Everything Everywhere – Kristoffer Ödmark
  7. WP3 4 – RIT Partner – GKN Aerospace – Staffan Brodin – To be published
  8. WP3 5 – RIT Partner – OHB Sweden – Per Bodin -Product development for ohb sweden’s attitude and orbit control systems
  9. WP3 6 – External – Omnisys Instruments – Martin Kores – Product Development
  10. WP3 7 – RIT PARTNER – SSC – Anna Rathsman – Technology and Innovation Life Cycle – Services and Capabilities
  11. WP3 8 – Workshop – See workshop and feedback upload for more
  12. WP3 9 – Next SIF (5)

Workshop and Feedback Summary of Product Innovation for Space Applications – Peter Törlund and Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck, Professors in Product Innovation at Luleå University of Technology

PhD Student Posters

Presentations from Space Innovation Forum 3

  1. Introduction to Space Innovation Forum 3, Johanna Bergström-Roos, project manager RIT
  2. Financing for SMEs, Stefan Dahlhielm, LTU Business AB (Swedish)
  3. Horizon 2020, Stefan Dahlhielm, LTU Business AB (Swedish)
  4. From S-band to Ka-band, Jan-Olof Sänkelä, N66
  5. Applications Based on Satellite Data, Jörgen Hartnor, Lantmäteriet 
  6. Keynote: From Comets to Start-ups – Building a SpaceTech Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, Stefan Gustafsson, ESA
  7. ESA-BIC Sweden (Business Incubation Centre), Joakim Enerstam, Arctic Business Incubator
  8. Workshop preparation, Mattias Bergström and Johan Bergström, LTU Business AB
  9. Workshop results – Find it at the “Event Planning” Trello board.
  10. Next Space Innovation Forum, Johanna Bergström-Roos, project manager RIT

Presentations from Space Innovation Forum 2

  1. QB50, Chris Nieto, Onboard Space Systems at Luleå University of Technology
  2. HABIT for the ExoMars Surface Platform, Alvaro Soria-Salinasfor the ExoMars Surface Platform, Atmohspheric Science Group at Luleå University of Technology
  3. The needs of the space industry, Patrik Johansson, GKN Aerospace
  4. Design and Qualification Methods for AM (Additive Manufacturing) in Space Applications, Angelica Lindwall, Luleå University of Technology
  5. Radical Innovations within Space Applications, Christo Dordlofva, Luleå University of Technology
  6. The Needs of the Space Industry, Ella Carlsson Sjöberg, Swedish Space Corporation
  7. SDR (Software Defined Radio) for Advanced Satellite Ground Station, Moses Browne Mwakyanjala, Luleå University of Technology
  8. SDR usefulness for SSC, Christer Jonsson, Swedish Space Corporation
  9. ANSHAB (Autonomous Navigation System for High Altitude Balloons, Kent Anderson, Swedish Space Corporation
  10. Market & technology trends, community needs, Johan Sundqvist, SSC Nanospace
  11. μPILS – Hardware-in-the-loop Synthesis and Analysis of Spacecraft Micropropulsion Systems, Johan Sundqvist, SSC Nanospace
  12. Needs of the space industry, Per Bodin, OHB Sweden
  13. Multi-Spacecraft Formation, Per Bodin, OHB Sweden
  14. More space insight, Johan Riesbeck, Omnisys Instruments
  15. IRF-SSPT needs from the industry, Herman Andersson, IRF
  16. Swedish Space Broker, Cecilia Hertz, Umbilical Design
  17. Company Presentation, Jimmy Abrahamsson, Conex Engineering
  18. Company Presentation, Bengt Gunnarsson, Pre Eye
  19. Innovation management and collaboration, Mattias Gustafsson, LTU Business AB
  20. How can the new city strengthen the space business and vice versa, Lars Bäckström, Kiruna Municipality

Presentations from Space Innovation Forum 1

  1. RIT_Kick_off_presentation
  2. RIT_Kick_off_practicalities
  3. Program för RIT Kick-off (externt)
  4. Invitation – official with logo
  5. Youtube movie: Thoughts about the RIT-project