Innovation Support System

The third Work Package within the RIT 2021 project is focusing on strengthening the innovation support system around the space industry. This WP is managed by Joakim Norman, Project and Innovation Management at LTU Business. Arctic Business incubator (ABI), who also is running ESA BIC Sweden, the Swedish space incubator connected to ESA (European Space Agency) is an important project partner in this WP.

The aim is to strengthen innovation capabilities and growth of regional SMEs in the space industry in order to develop the space region. Focus is on collaboration with academia, the business sector and public actors, including both up- and downstream applications. The work package will establish an innovation system where the parties collaborate and build knowledge and innovation capabilities. It will also work with packaging of commercially sustainable services and products derived from research and innovation. The main target groups of the work package are existing SMEs, academia and innovative team/start-ups.

RIT 2021 will further develop meeting places and processes in order to establish a sustainable innovation support system. This involves the development of new meeting places, methods and processes with a focus on networking, skills increase, needs inventory, business idea generation, business idea development, cross fertilization and technology transfer. People from a diverse range as possible are invited to participate in the work: young students, experienced engineers and researchers, entrepreneurs, inventors and local and regional SMEs.

Another important aspect is integration and gender equality. As the space industry itself is inherently international, it is therefore a natural contributor to diversity.

Here you can read about all the different actors within the region innovation system.


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